New Casinos 2017

New casinos online always attract lots of players because they often offer better bonuses and a fresh gaming experience with the exciting design of a fast-paced gaming environment. At Casino Internet, we test continuously new casinos that we think offers something new, unique, and exciting – and where you as players get more out of both bonuses and gameplay.

Below you can find the new casinos 2017 that we think are the best right now, and that of course is 100% safe for you as a player. Claim your bonus for free right now!

Best New Casinos 2017 in Canada!

Casino Bonus Rating Review
Omni Slots 100% Bonus + 50 Free Spins 9.9 / 10 Review GO TO CASINO
InstaCasino C$1000 on 5 deposits! 9.7 / 10 Review GO TO CASINO
Gale&Martin Casino €3200 9.7 / 10 Review GO TO CASINO
Mr Green Casino C$350 on 4 deposits! 9.5 / 10 Review GO TO CASINO
PlayOjo Casino 50 Free Spins 9.5 / 10 Review GO TO CASINO

Because of the fierce competition that are on today’s casino market in Canada, new casinos have to come up with new, exciting and constantly better approaches than the casinos that are already on the market. For that reason, new casino often offering something new and exciting to you as a player. It could be a cutting-edge type of design, a new gameplay with the latest casino games and slots, and almost always extremely generous bonuses!

Why play on new online casinos?

Casinos that have been on the market for a longer period, doesn’t often dare to innovate and offernew casino 2017 customers new and exciting gaming experiences. It survives on past achievements rather than launching new innovative games and bonuses. In new casinos you simply get the latest the market has to offer. Casino Casumo is a good example when it launched in 2012 and revolutionized the industry by introducing an adventure casino. On an adventure casino you can do quests, collect trophies and prizes that you can exchange for bonuses and free spins. Casumo has won several awards and is a favorite casino for many Canadian people.

A new casino does not have as many customers wherefore the customer service can often help you faster and provide better personalized service. We are constantly testing new casinos and recommend only those that meet our requirements. Do you think some casino is missing or encounter a problem with one of the latest casinos that we recommend so please contact us, most easily by our contact form.

New Casino = Generous Bonuses and Free Spins

New casino often means brand new game ideas and innovative design. For you as a player to get your interest and attract you to the new casino, the casino often offers a very generous bonus and free spins offer. Are you on a quest for big bonuses and great offers, then you should continuously visit this page to not miss the best bonuses for new online casinos at the moment.

new casinos 2017

New casinos have often casino bonus with no deposit in order to get the opportunity to try out what the casino has to offer before you deposit your own money. By receiving bonuses without deposit you have the opportunity to experience the excitement of playing for real money without any risk. If you have heard of players who have won millions of dollars without investing a single cent they have used this type of bonus.

Why so many new casinos in Canada?

The gaming industry has really exploded in recent years with lots of new internet casinos, casino games and more. Several new sites that offer unique gaming experiences have emerged. The money that is needed to open a new casino has decreased. Although it still cost millions to open a casino there are many more online casinos today than a year ago. It really is a tougher competition on the casino market today. This is something that benefits you as a player because when casinos are fighting to get and keep you as a customer, they offer generous bonus offers.

Win-Win to play at a new casino!

It’s a win-win situation between you as a player and the new casino when you try out their casino. You as a player must receive ridiculously generous bonuses at times which give you a great start when you first try a new casino. Therefore you increase the chance, that with very little effort, to win a lot of money and also try a new and exciting casino experience. New casinos in turn get the chance to prove themselves to you as a player and show off on their game selection and arrangement. So take advantage of the opportunity to try a new, exciting casino and at the same time take part of their welcome offer.

Check out our recommendations on new casinos little further up on this page, maybe you will find your new favorite casino!

How do you find a new casino?

This is perhaps one of the most difficult questions for those who like to play at the online casino, but at the same time do not have all the time in the world to find where the latest, hottest and best new casinos are. This is something we really understand is difficult for plenty of people out there and there will occasionally emerge some black sheep that we absolutely do not want you to play with. Some online casinos are blacklisted as a result of that they can not deliver secure payment options and of similar reasons. These ones disappear naturally pretty quickly from the market but when it comes to new casinos, they have not always been scrutinized and thus you can go on a rivet.

We at Casino Internet has a good contact with the entire industry, resulting in that we have insight into what new casinos are coming out on the market, and which of them we will promote here and write reviews about. For this reason, it is an absolute advice to bookmark this page, then you can always log on and see our list of new casinos in Canada. All of these casinos, we have played by ourselves and been happy with everything we’ve seen and noticed. Obviously there is still a risk that some casinos change the approach to how they treat their players, something we obviously can not be held accountable for. Should any of our new casinos no longer be consistent with the picture we have received, we will remove it immediately. If you have thoughts, questions or anything else regarding this, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Along with bookmarking this page on we think it is a smart move to follow our bonus blog, where we constantly update about all the different news on the casino market. There we will of course write about all the new casinos we promote, as you can take part of good bonuses and much more. If you want to find a new casino, you will always be able to turn to us to see the best ones right now and how you will get the best bonus and the highest number of free spins. We find the new casino that suits you the best!

New Casinos 2017 & 2018 and in the Future

For those of you who like new casinos in general, we have good news – they continue to come. Not so few either. In recent years, we seem to experience a continuous upward curve regarding the number of new casinos that are constantly popping up on the map of online gaming. A clear sign of this is how the bonuses have recently become more and more favorable for us players. As competition increases among all the new (and old) casinos, obviously bonuses and the like have to become better for the casinos to get new players and retain the existing ones.

Another great pointer that the casino market keep on expanding is that the casinos niches their sites more and more. For example, the live casino have in recent times started to become kind of niche. Although these online casinos still has a large selection of video slots they put their focus on the live casino. This is something we have not seen anywhere before, and clearly shows that the large amount of new casinos coming out on the market, requires certain niche to stand out in the jungle of new casinos we experience.

This will ensure that we continue to look forward to and it will most likely not stop in the next few years. For those who want a new online casino you can anytime turn to us and get this. We will continue to deliver new casinos to you and give you one that suits you.

New Casinos 2017 – Summary

There are a lot of positive parts to play on new casinos in Canada, so we really want to argue you for doing this. You will get to experience exciting new websites with entertaining design and much more. Moreover, you can expect to get one of the best welcome bonuses when you choose to register with a new casino 2017. Take the chance to get a really fun time by register some at one of the new casinos 2017 that we recommend.

Casino Bonus Rating Review
Omni Slots 100% Bonus + 50 Free Spins 9.9 / 10 Review GO TO CASINO
InstaCasino C$1000 on 5 deposits! 9.7 / 10 Review GO TO CASINO
Gale&Martin Casino €3200 9.7 / 10 Review GO TO CASINO
Mr Green Casino C$350 on 4 deposits! 9.5 / 10 Review GO TO CASINO
PlayOjo Casino 50 Free Spins 9.5 / 10 Review GO TO CASINO
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